Pastor Teresa, is a native of Jacksonville, FL. She is married to her best friend Pastor Larry L. Burton, Jr. and the mother of four beautiful daughters: Tiffany (Travell), Takesha, Larea and Jalah and grandmother of two, Tamia and Traden.  She enjoys being a wife, mother, grandmother, mentor and pioneer, with her husband, as they raise the bar of purpose for marriages, families, ministries and businesses.

Devoted to the vision of the ministry, Pastor Teresa serves alongside her husband at The Father’s House Kingdom Ministries in Jacksonville, Fl. They believe in impacting the souls with Kingdom Thinking and Living by exhibiting God’s love and infusing life into people and families through engaging, teaching and empowerment that offer biblical truth.

Pastor Teresa’s lifestyle and teachings both inspire and challenge women to develop strong relationships with God and with their families.

A woman of many gifts and talents, Pastor Teresa is an innovator in women’s ministry and business. As the founder of the Influential Women’s Ministry of FHKM, she gathers over 300 women together to highlight women’s issues and offer an atmosphere of support and empowerment.

Pastor Teresa is also the Founder and Lead Mentor of the Proverbs 31 Sister’s Mentoring Program, a 6 months mentoring course for women, with over 200 graduates to date. She is the Founder and Chief Editor of Inspiring Magazine and the Founder of several businesses, Your Nonprofit Agent LLC., Your Nonprofit Academy & Project AIM  

Pastor Teresa is the Co-Founder of Beyond Creation with her husband. Beyond Creation is a firm that creates effective content for businesses & individuals such as videos, photos, graphic designs, social media footage and much more.

With over 23 years of Nonprofit Management and Community Development experience, Pastor Teresa has and continues to facilitate change to improve the performance of community/family-based organizations. She conducts leadership and team-building workshops, utilizing various methods which make her sessions interactive and result-driven.

Pastor Teresa is a certified facilitator and trainer for the Family Support Team Meeting and a Sexual Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Advocate. She is also a certified facilitator for the Jacksonville Strengthen Family Network. She is a graduate of the Jacksonville Blueprint for Leadership and a graduate of the Jacksonville LISC AmeriCorps.

As a Business Consultant, CEO, and founder of several businesses, Pastor Teresa shares valuable insight and knowledge to develop and launch programs and businesses. As a trailblazer in women’s ministry and in business, she partners with women in pursuing their Divine assignment.

Working with her offers a unique opportunity for growth and development as she incorporates biblical and practical principles in the mentoring experience. Through implementation of a personalized and detailed action plan, she assists women in reaching their goals, whether that involves discovering their God-given purpose, balancing life, moving to the next level in their organization, starting an awareness program, or opening their own business.

Pastor Teresa has survived the death of her mother at the age of four years old, foster care, molestation, rape, sexual addiction, crime, drugs, mental illness, and emotional and physical abuse. A brush with death and a face-to-face encounter with Jesus, re-shaped her love for knowledge, thereby creating a pursuit of the truth about who God is and what He desires for our lives. Her personal and victorious testimonies are proof that the great power of God is still at work today.

In 2023, Pastor Teresa released her first book, “Beyond Survival: My Little Girl Journey to Healing.” With heartfelt honesty, she shares her painful experiences of abuse starting at the age of five, highlighting her incredible strength and path to healing.

This book is a precious guide for any woman starting to face her childhood trauma or already on her healing journey. Pastor Teresa’s compassionate advice and deep insights create a safe and nurturing space for women to heal, grow, and thrive.

“Beyond Survival: My Little Girl Journey to Healing” is more than a story; it is an invitation to self-discovery and transformation. Through its pages, readers are encouraged to find their true purpose and experience the joy of living a life beyond just surviving.

Pastor Teresa is on the leading edge for taking women to a new dimension of purpose. Her experiences and insight allow her to speak directly to the voids that women face in the 21st Century. Her transparency is a catalyst to encourage others to remove their insecurities, brokenness, and limitations, and to discover their God-Given purpose.

Her life exemplifies how God can take a mess and transform it into a message for the Kingdom of God. She has a Divine call to help others overcome and release their past and grab hold to their futures. She delivers a message guaranteed to encourage you, challenge you, and speak to your heart!