Pastor Teresa Burton Ministries

Safe Walls

The SafeWalls Initiative is a movement aimed to work together with churches, family programs and agencies through Awareness and Training to prevent child sexual abuse and domestic violence within our community.

Awareness through education. We provide effective awareness and training courses to Families Programs, Families, Pastors, Youth Leaders, Youth Workers and Volunteers. The training is to alert you to the seriousness of the risk but more importantly provides help so that we can reduce the possibility of such incidents from ever occurring. Now is the time to join hands as we take these positive steps to make programs a safer place for our families within our Walls

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to create a safe place within the walls of your church and programs. Your staff, and volunteers will be empowered by awareness and training course to protect, respond, report and follow-up concerning families that you serve. Don’t Be Blind! Abuses can happen and is happening within the Walls. Get trained to reduce the risk!