Pastor Teresa Burton Ministries

One On One

With Pastor Teresa One-On-One Mentoring she walk alongside and assist you with effective tools as you navigate through your personal life challenges and to help you achieve your goals. You can choose a 6 months plan or 1 year plan.
Pastor Teresa partner with women in pursuing their God-Given assignment. Working with her offers a unique opportunity to incorporate biblical principles in the mentoring process.

Using an outline action plan that assist you in reaching your goals, whether that involves discovering your God-given purpose, balancing life, moving to the next level in your organization, starting an awareness program, or opening your own business.

What might you accomplish with One-On-One Mentoring with Pastor Teresa?

• If you feel a little bit lost… This is great for you.
• If you’re at a brick wall or feel like you going into circles… This is great for you.
• If the past have been holding you back… This is great for you.
• If you trying to achieve personal goals… This is great for you.

1) One-On-One mentoring will give you the confidence to make the right changes and put you on the right track.

2) One-On-One mentoring will provide you the resources and tools to help manage your time, get organized and learn how to balance life, family, work, ministry and business.

3) One-On-One mentoring will provide you with just enough push and accountability to finally make the choices they have been putting off.

4) One-On-One mentoring will assist you to turn your dream into a reality and accomplish your God-inspired goals.
God never intended us to walk alone. Instead, He will directs us toward those who can assist us in our development, where we can receive the encouragement and push we need to take our next step with confidence.

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