There are many influential women in the world from all walks of life, and they are making a major impact in the lives of many. The question is, are we influential in every area of our lives? Self-Care, Family, Ministry, Community and Business, are we truly influential in each of these areas? Is this possible? The answer is “Yes!”, with the power of the Holy Ghost and women’s empowerment.
Our theme for this year’s Summit is “Its All Reachable”! Yes, we can be and do all that God has assigned us to do in this life, but it comes with allowing ourselves to be poured into and strengthened in the weak areas of our lives. You have a vision and a dream, allow the experience and resources of IWE Summit to assist you.
It is our hope that we will empower, educate, enlighten and inspire you by creating the best weekend environment for you. Through this experience you will be provoked to MANIFEST what you envision for Yourself, your Family, your Ministry, your Business, and your Community because “It’s All REACHABLE!”
We can not wait to see you next year for the 2021 IWE SUMMIT!